Saturday, July 11, 2015

You are the light that you have been waiting for

from page 151 of The Book of Love and Creation, a text channeled through Paul Selig:

Please do this with us now.

Go into your heart center and activate the light in the very center chamber of your heart between your breasts at the level of the heart chakra. And imagine turning that light on. This is indwelling Christ, the Creative Self, and the Inner Light. These are the aspects of the self that we call the God within. And activate that self now. Allow that light to be turned on in its beauty and let the light now begin to move through your being, all the way up and all the way down until it enfolds you completely in physical form. And now the light begins to extend beyond the form you stand in and radiate all around you in bliss. "I am now choosing to know myself as I am. I am an aspect of the Creator in form and I am in my freedom."

Your perfected self is the self you are. You are the gift. You are the light that you have been waiting for. It has always been with you. You have forgotten and you are now being re-membered.

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