Saturday, November 8, 2014

Without Christ, theosophy in the West is without value

Rudolf Steiner: "Continued successful development [of the Theosophical movement] in the Western countries is dependent on how far it proves able to assimilate the principle of Western initiation.  For Eastern initiations must, of necessity, leave untouched the Christ-principle as the central cosmic factor of evolution.  Yet without this principle the Theosophical movement must remain without any decisive effect on Western culture, which has the life of Christ as its point of origin.  In the West, the revelations of Oriental initiation would have to live as a mere sectarian cult alongside the living culture.  Their only hope of affecting evolution would be if they could eradicate the Christ-principle from Western culture.  This, however, would be identical with extinguishing the essential meaning of the Earth, which lies in the knowledge and realization of the intentions of the living Christ."

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