Thursday, November 13, 2014

Anthroposophy: A Beacon Light In Our Life, A Wellspring Of Living Joy

From Rudolf Steiner's concluding remarks regarding his lecture series on the book of Genesis:

"Let us try to take from these thoughts we have acquired the forces which they ought to engender! Let us carry them forth, and let us fructify by means of these forces our life in the outside world. Whatever we may be doing in life, whatever secular vocation we may have, these forces can be a beacon light for our actions, and can both fructify our activities and enhance our joy and happiness. And no one who has understood the sublime origin of human existence in the right way can go on living without absorbing this knowledge as a constant source of living joy. If you want to do loving deeds, let the truth about the stupendous origin and destiny of humankind shine out from your eyes; that is the best way to spread anthroposophy. Our deeds will prove its truth, bring joy to those around us, and having an uplifting, cheering, refreshing, and health-giving effect on us in spirit, soul, and body. We shoud be better, healthier, and stronger people through taking in anthroposophical thoughts."

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