Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Ensouled Sun of Man

O sun, bearer of radiance,
The substance-building power of your light
Conjures life out of the earth's
Infinitely rich depths.

O heart, bearer of the soul,
Your light's spirit power
Conjures life out of the human being's
Infinitely deep inner core.

When I look into the sun
Radiantly its light speaks to me
Of the spirit, whose grace is at work
Throughout cosmic being.

When I feel into my heart,
Spirit speaks there its own Word
Of the human being, whom it loves
Through all time and eternity.

Looking upwards
Into the sun's bright sphere
I can see
The mighty cosmic heart.

Looking inwards
To the warm and beating heart
I can feel
The ensouled sun of man.

--Rudolf Steiner

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