Monday, June 24, 2013

"Saint John the Baptist" by Adam Bittleston

                                              Thou herald spirit, by the Father's grace
                                              Abiding witness to the Light of Lights,
                                              Look on our seeking.

                                              All we have done on Earth has left its trace,
                                              And all we say sounds on for spirit ears.
                                              Help at our judging.

                                              Baptizer of the waking soul, lead out
                                              Our lives from barren conflict in the dark
                                              Into Christ's presence.

                                              Let sound the music of thy faithful heart,
                                              Prophet of days to come, for brother men,
                                              Unto Christ's glory.

--Adam Bittleston in "Meditative Prayers for Today"

Thank you, Robin Mitchell and Eunice Sousa Pinheiro!

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