Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christ: The eternally uniting life-spirit

Rudolf Steiner: "There was an initiation in wisdom, in the feeling life, and in the will. Christianity is the combination of all these stages of initiation. In ancient times, initiation was a prophetic proclamation, a preparation. Slowly and gradually, the human being was emancipated from his or her guru or initiate. Initiation first took place in full trance complete secrecy, in total seclusion...Then initiation stepped forward out of the a great powerful personality, the bearer of the highest unifying principle, of the Word that expresses the hidden Father, that is, his manifestation, which by taking human form could therefore become the Son of Man and the representative for all humankind. It did so in the unifying bond of all the 'I's': in Christ, in the life-spirit, in the eternally uniting, occurred historically--and at the same time symbolically--the initiation of all humanity at the soul level, at the feeling level."

Source: First Steps in Christian Religious Renewal, p. xxxvii

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