Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Keep the Faith"

The archangel Michael speaking through Edgar Cayce to the members of Study Group #1:

"Come, my children, ye that seek the Lord. He is nigh unto thee. Thou hast purposed well in thine studies, in thine preparation for those that would seek through these channels to know more of what thy Lord, thy God, would have them to do. Be not satisfied, but rather content in that ye are being a channel of blessing to thy fellow man. Thou art as the leaven that will leaven the whole, for some there be among you that will hear His voice--and He will walk and talk with those that are willing, joyously, that He, thy Brother, thy Christ, thy Savior, would direct thy ways. Keep the Faith."

Source: Study Group Readings, volume 7, page 271 [#262-67, July 15, 1934]

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