Saturday, October 2, 2010

The archangel Michael, speaking through Edgar Cayce, encourages his disciples

Bow thine heads, O ye men that would seek His presence! Be strong in His might! Falter not at thine own weak self! Know that thy Redeemer liveth and may this day make known in thine own heart His presence abiding with thee! Root from thine body, thine consciousness, aught that would hinder His entering in; for He would sup with thee! Wilt thou, then, O Man, make known thine own decisions? Will ye be one with Him? The way which I guard leads to that of glory in the might of the Lord. I, Michael, would guide thee. Do not disobey. Do not falter. Thou knowest the way.

Source: Study Group Readings, volume 7, page 144 [#262-33, December 4, 1932]

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