Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The profound earnestness of anthroposophy


Rudolf Steiner:  "We transgress against humanity when we do not educate young people in the right way. We transgress against humanity when we ignore the noblest efforts of human souls to accomplish deeds out of unseen worlds. We transgress against the whole course of human development if we do not nurture our own spirituality and enable it to pass the portal of death fully prepared to continue its development with ever-increasing consciousness. For when the spiritual-soul nature is not cultivated on Earth, then the consciousness, which ought to be illuminated immediately after death, and ought to grow increasingly throughout the existence between death and a new birth, will remain dim. If the human being wishes consciously to reach full human potential, then the spiritual aspect must belong to the whole. In the present age it should be the earnest endeavor of human beings who understand the intentions of the anthroposophic movement to know that anthroposophy is a cosmic life-legacy, a cosmic life potency and force. We transgress in the highest sense when we fail to achieve what must be developed in order for the Earth and humanity to progress further. The demise of all that is connected to the Earth will occur if cultivating the spiritual is neglected. In addition to our interest as individuals in the insights of spiritual science, many of us are drawn to anthroposophy by the profound earnestness of the task of forming spiritual connection with a deeply meaningful, all-encompassing opportunity to act on behalf of humanity."

Source: January 6, 1923. GA 220, p. 23

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