Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Pearl of Great Price : Whenever we perceive the outer world, something in us dies.

Rudolf Steiner:

The light streams towards us and brings about in us the sensation of light; but looking deeper into our being we discover that while we are conscious of light, our human nature is permeated by something that has to die in us in order that we may have the sensation of light. We can have no perception, no sensation from outside, without a sort of corpse being formed as the result of this sensation.
The spiritual investigator has to say: ‘Here I see a human being; I know that he has the sensation of red. But I see that this red which is in his consciousness pours forth something, pervades his whole being with something, which — insofar as it has entered within his skin and the limits of his etheric body — kills something in him, which becomes like the corpse of the color.' Imagine that whenever we confront the physical world and have our sense-organs open, we always receive into us the corpses of all our sensations, as phantoms — but active phantoms. Whenever we perceive the outer world, something dies in us.


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