Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Mystery of the After-Image

Baruch Urieli:  "There is a mysterious passage in the twelfth chapter of the Revelation of St John (12:3,4), where it says that the dragon casts one third of the stars down to Earth. What is this one third of the stars which are cast down? It is the world of maya, which we experience with our earthly senses. However, the after-image discloses to us the other two thirds that belong to it, which have remained in heaven. Thus the world of the senses does not stand in contrast to the world of the spirit which it has lost but forms an indivisible unity with it, which remains hidden until the selfless self has learnt once again to perceive the spiritual two thirds missing from the earthly percept. In this way, it becomes possible for man to unveil the true meaning of existence."

"Postscript" to Learning to Experience the Etheric World

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