Friday, May 31, 2019

Whitewashing history: The Tulsa race massacre — a personal footnote

I find it astonishing that my grandmother was born in Tulsa in 1901 and lived there all her life; my mother was born in Tulsa in 1922 and lived there until 2018; my sister and my brothers and I grew up in Tulsa--I was born in 1947 and finally moved away from Tulsa at the age of thirty--AND I NEVER KNEW OF THE EXISTENCE OF THIS EVENT until I was in my thirties!

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  1. My family moved to Tulsa in 1951. I went through the Tulsa schools through high school and college. I left in 1969. Like Larry, I never heard of the race riot until later. You have to wonder, were the black students in Tulsa schools taught about this? Surely they knew from the grapevine. I recently found an Oklahoma history textbook written in 1987. Don't know if it was actually used in the schools. It has half a page of white-washed coverage of the riot. Not much, but at least it's there.