Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Anthroposophy: The Elixir of Life

Rudolf Steiner:  "As human beings, we are products of the past, including all of the Earth's evolution, and as such we are on the road to decline. The ethical impulses alive in us, however, are the seeds of a future that still seems unreal and abstract, but in fact these impulses are the earliest beginnings of an abundant reality to come. We must realize that if we fail to cultivate ethical activity, we transgress not only against our fellow human beings, but also against all of the spiritual worlds that have planted the seeds of the future in us in the form of ethical impulses. If you behave unethically, you are cut off from humanity's future."

"Today we are called upon to become citizens of the cosmos in the truest sense, to feel not only that we belong to worlds that exist outside of our own yet form a whole with it, but also that we contribute to future worlds. Through spirit cognition, our ethical views gain new roots. We will be able to transform ethics into an active force for social change only when spirit cognition lends strength to our ethical activity."

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source: cw 333, 12/30/19 [p. 108]

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