Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Open the shutters!

Goethe's last words:  "Open the shutters!"

Rudolf Steiner:  "How trivial and limited is that which the physical sensory world embraces, compared to the greatness and might of the whole universe!"

Rudolf Steiner:

Feel how in the heights of heaven
Selfhood selflessly can live
If in spirit-fullness it will follow
Powers of thought and striving to the heights
And courageously receive the Word
That rings forth with blessing from heights above
Into Man's true being.

Fühle wie in Himmelshöhen
Selbstsein selbstlos leben kann,
Wenn es geisterfüllt Gedankenmächten
In dem Höhenstreben folgen will
Und in Tapferkeit das Wort vernimmt,
Das von oben gnadevoll ertönet
In des Menschen wahre Wesenheit.