Sunday, November 29, 2015

From the past to the future — and vice versa

Rudolf Steiner:  "The stream of soul-life does not only flow from the past toward the future, but also from the future into the past; we have two time-streams — the etheric part of the life of the soul goes toward the future, the astral part of us, on the other hand, flows back toward the past. (There is probably no one on the Earth today who is conscious of this unless he has an impulse toward what is spiritual.) We are first able to form a conception of the life of the soul when we realize that something comes continually to meet us out of the future. Otherwise this is quite impossible. We must be able to form such a conception, and for this, when speaking of cause and effect, we must break with those ordinary methods of thought which deal mainly with the past. We must not only reckon with the past in such connections, but must speak of the future as something real; something that comes toward us in just as real a way as the past slips from us. But it will be a long time yet before such ideas become prevalent, and till they do there will be no psychology."

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