Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spiritual Science, the most difficult path

Rudolf Steiner:  "One can say without exaggeration that of all the paths that open before man today when these great and puzzling questions arise within him, the way of spiritual science is the most difficult. Truly, we cannot say otherwise! There may be many among you who consider some much-discussed science difficult — who perhaps do not venture on it because you shrink from all that must be overcome if it is to be gone into thoroughly. It may seem that the path that we call the path of spiritual science is easier than the path leading to mathematics, to botany, or any other branch of natural science. All the same, if followed earnestly, this path is more difficult than that leading to any other science. We say this without any exaggeration. Why is it easier for you? Only because it stimulates the interest of every soul with tremendous force, and because it deals with what lies nearest to each. It is the most difficult of all the paths by which a man can enter the spiritual world today, yet one thing we must not forget: this path can lead us to what is highest in the life of the soul! Is it not natural that what leads to the highest should also be the most difficult? Yet: we must never allow ourselves to be frightened by the difficulties of the path, nor hide from our souls the necessity of these difficulties on the path of spiritual science."

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