Monday, June 15, 2015

The Bodhi Tree: The Cerebellum

Rudolf Steiner:  "Physical body, etheric body, and astral body have built up the human being. Then the ego makes itself felt, and this builds from within outwards. These are the four constituents of man. Here we find in the outer an imprint of the fourfold man. All further development is of such a nature that the human being, starting from this point of the ego, consciously experiences what previously he went through unconsciously. Today, in order to realize that this is so, one must in the first place investigate what took place when our ego was being developed. In order to do this we must, as it were, take up our position under a certain organ. This is most aptly expressed in the Buddha legend. It says in the legend that Buddha remained seated under the Bodhi tree until he attained illumination in order to rise to higher stages, to Nirvana. For this, Buddha had to place himself under the brain, under the organ of consciousness. That means the paths he had previously traversed unconsciously he had to traverse again consciously. Under the large brain there lies, more toward the back of the head, the small, tree-shaped brain (the cerebellum). Under this brain Buddha placed himself. The cerebellum is the Bodhi tree. This shows how what is said in such profound legends is actually taken from human evolution."

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