Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Rudolf Steiner: "Today we are surrounded by physical reality, by Sun, Moon, and stars. What man had around him in the Old Moon existence, he has today within himself. The forces of the Moon now live within him. Had man not existed on the Old Moon he would not possess these forces. This is why the Egyptian occult teaching in esoteric centers called the Moon Isis, the Goddess of Fertility. Isis is the soul of the Moon, the precursor of the Earth. Then all the forces lived in the environment which now live in plants and animals for the purpose of reproduction. As now fire, chemical ether, magnetism, and so on are around us and surround the Earth, so the Moon was surrounded by those forces which enabled man, animal, and plant to propagate. The forces which at present surround the Earth will in the future play an individualized role in man. What now constitutes the relationship between man and woman was on the Old Moon external physical activity, such as volcanic eruptions are today. These forces surrounded man during the Moon existence and he drew them in through his Moon-senses, in order to evolve them now. What man developed on the Old Moon through involution emerged on Earth as evolution. What man developed after the Lemurian Age as the sexual forces is due to Isis, the soul of the Moon, which now lives on further in man. Here we have the relationship between the human being and the present Moon. The Moon has left its soul with man and has therefore become a mere slagheap."

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