Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Yoga : Communion

The conclusion of Rudolf Steiner's lecture given the evening of December 31, 1922 at the first Goetheanum, which was in the process of burning to the ground as this mantric verse was being spoken:

In Earth-activity draws near to me, 
Given to me in substance-imaged form,
The heavenly being of the stars.
In willing I see them transformed with love.

In watery life stream into me,
Forming me through with power of substance-force,
The heavenly deeds of the stars.
In feeling I see them transformed with wisdom.


Es nahet mir im Erdenwirken,
In Stoffes Abbild mir gegeben,
Der Sterne Himmelswesen:
Ich seh' im Wollen sie sich liebend wandeln.

Es dringen in mich im Wasserleben,
In Stoffes Kraftgewalt mich bildend,
Der Sterne Himmelstaten:
Ich seh' im Fühlen sie sich weise wandeln.

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