Monday, September 15, 2014

Of the inward speaking of Christ to a faithful soul. The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas à Kempis. Book 3, Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Of the inward speaking of Christ to a faithful soul
I will hearken what the Lord God shall say within me.[Psalm 85:8] Blessed
is the soul which heareth the Lord speaking within it, and
receiveth the word of consolation from His mouth. Blessed are
the ears which receive the echoes of the soft whisper of God, and
turn not aside to the whisperings of this world. Blessed truly
are the ears which listen not to the voice that soundeth without,
but to that which teacheth truth inwardly. Blessed are the eyes
which are closed to things without, but are fixed upon things
within. Blessed are they who search inward things and study to
prepare themselves more and more by daily exercises for the
receiving of heavenly mysteries. Blessed are they who long to
have leisure for God, and free themselves from every hindrance of
the world. Think on these things, O my soul, and shut the doors
of thy carnal desires, so mayest thou hear what the Lord God will
say within thee.
These things saith thy Beloved, “I am thy salvation, I am thy
peace and thy life. Keep thee unto Me, and thou shalt find
peace.” Put away thee all transitory things, seek those things
that are eternal. For what are all temporal things but deceits,
and what shall all created things help thee if thou be forsaken
by the Creator? Therefore put all things else away, and give
thyself to the Creator, to be well pleasing and faithful to Him,
that thou mayest be able to attain true blessedness.

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