Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Representative of Humanity between Lucifer and Ahriman

Judith von Halle: "The time had come [early in the twentieth century] when human beings could become conscious of the all-important process in world and human evolution: they had the spiritual strength to grasp what it meant that almost two thousand years ago the Mystery of Golgotha had taken place--the incarnation of God on Earth. They could now learn to understand that this deed of God had been an offering of love to humanity. Through His resurrection the Christ had awakened in man's inner being a slumbering seed, which the humanity of today had developed further and further: the 'I'. It is solely by means of their 'I' that human beings can grow conscous enough of themselves that they can break free of all bondage, that they exist as beings able to decide for themselves and take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

This 'I', the highest member of the human being, was on Good Friday represented in Christ. In the course of Good Friday and Holy Saturday of the turning point of time, on behalf of all human egos it went through the depths of death. It had been victorious over the death of the physical body. And its very strength, everything at the disposal of this 'I', was displayed in Christ's resurrectin. For on Easter morning there arose not only this 'I' as a spiritual entity, but it was able to form a new physical body in which the Risen One could be seen by his disciples, by the women who had been around Him, and even by Paul. This physical body was not of a material nature but was spiritualized, ennobled to the highest degree. This 'I' had passed through every imaginable trial, had withstood the temptations by the adversaries, and had transformed the lower members of human nature, such as the materialized physical body, into forms no longer material."

Source: Judith von Halle, The Representative of Humanity between Lucifer and Ahriman, pp. 35-36

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