Thursday, August 28, 2014

Of lowly submission. The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas à Kempis. Book 2, Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Of lowly submission

Make no great account who is for thee or against thee, but mind
only the present duty and take care that God be with thee in
whatsoever thou doest. Have a good conscience and God will defend
thee, for he whom God will help no man’s perverseness shall be
able to hurt. If thou knowest how to hold thy peace and to
suffer, without doubt thou shalt see the help of the Lord. He
knoweth the time and the way to deliver thee, therefore must thou
resign thyself to Him. To God it belongeth to help and to
deliver from all confusion. Oftentimes it is very profitable for
keeping us in greater humility, that others know and rebuke our
When a man humbleth himself for his defects, he then easily
pacifieth others and quickly satisfieth those that are angered
against him. God protecteth and delivereth the humble man, He
loveth and comforteth the humble man, to the humble man He
inclineth Himself, on the humble He bestoweth great grace, and
when he is cast down He raiseth him to glory: to the humble He
revealeth His secrets, and sweetly draweth and inviteth him to
Himself. The humble man having received reproach, is yet in
sufficient peace, because he resteth on God and not on the world.
Reckon not thyself to have profited in anywise unless thou feel
thyself to be inferior to all.

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