Friday, May 2, 2014

Transcending Life

A Butterfly Egg

Rudolf Steiner:   "If an esotericist has lived in his meditations, if he has tried to repeatedly live in his thoughts, words, and deeds in accordance with the perfection principle, if he has repeatedly tried to be good — then at some point he'll realize: If I would place all the joy and suffering that I previously thought was in me outside me, then it would be as if it surrounded me like a soul-spiritual thing; I no longer live in what I have placed outside, I'm no longer touched by the waves of pain and joy. Then a pupil must learn to stand fast in the center of his existence by living entirely in the power of the mantra: Ex Deo Nascimur. Thereby the pupil inserts the higher self into his humanness; this second I isn't in us and can't be found by brooding into oneself but only by growing out beyond oneself."

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