Monday, April 7, 2014

Ha-Tha Yoga: The Life of Thought

Rudolf Steiner, from a lecture given May 27, 1923:

"It would have seemed incomprehensible to a human being of the ancient Indian epoch if somebody had said: 'Look how thoughts arise out of your brain!' Let us travel backward in time and imagine ourselves with the soul constitution we once had (for we have all passed through lives in ancient India); then confronted by the present-day soul condition, the one which makes people assume that thoughts arise out of the brain. All that modern people believe would appear as complete nonsense. For the ancient human being knew well that thoughts can never spring from brain substance; that it is the Sun which calls forth thoughts, and the Moon which stills them. It was to the reciprocal action of the Sun and the Moon that people of old ascribed their life of thought."

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