Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Burning Bush: The Revelation of the Cosmic Holy Spirit in the Human Ego

Rudolf Steiner:

"The spectacle of the 'burning bush' so magnificently portrayed in the Bible is recognized by all who are advanced in spiritual discernment as an instance of human apprehension of the spirit world. We now realize that the enlightenment Moses received in clairvoyant form must have been of the nature of a new consciousness proceeding from the great spirit of the cosmos, the spirit that is ever active and weaves throughout the whole material world. Ancient peoples believed in a plurality of cosmic forces, and they conceived these forces as operating in the human soul in such a way that the soul's power did not represent a unity, for the forces were manifold in nature, while the soul was regarded merely as the scene of their active expression. It was for Moses to recognize a cosmic spirit of a very different order — one that did not manifest as a soul power owing its origin to various spirit influences that, while exhibiting  a certain similitude, find ultimate expression in varied form. The spirit of the cosmos, which it was ordained that Moses should apprehend, was of a wholly different character, for its revelation can alone take place in the innermost and holiest midpoint of soul life, the ego. There works the spirit of the universe — in the place where the human soul is conscious of its very center."

Source: [March 9, 1911] Turning Points in Spiritual History, pp. 126-127.

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