Monday, October 21, 2013

The inner connections of destiny. Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts #47, #48, #49

Rudolf  Steiner:
47. Of all that is latent in the forming of man's destiny, only the very smallest part enters the everyday consciousness. Yet the unveiling of our destiny teaches us, most of all, how the unconscious can indeed be brought to consciousness. They in effect are wrong who speak of what is, for the time being, the unconscious, as though it must remain absolutely in the realm of the unknown, thus constituting a barrier of knowledge. With every fragment of his destiny that is unveiled to him, man lifts into the realm of consciousness something that was hitherto unconscious.

48. In so doing man becomes aware that the things of destiny are not woven within the life between birth and death. Thus the question of destiny impels him most of all to the contemplation of the life between death and a new birth.

49. Conscious human experience is thus impelled by the question of destiny to look beyond itself. Moreover, as we dwell upon this fact, we shall develop a true feeling for the relation of the Natural and the Spiritual. He who beholds the living sway of destiny in the human being stands already in the midst of spiritual things. For the inner connections of destiny have nothing of the character of outer Nature.


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