Thursday, October 31, 2013

The beings of the three spiritual hierarchies and human thinking, feeling, and willing. Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts #66, #67, #68


Rudolf Steiner:

66. The beings of the Third Hierarchy reveal themselves in the life which is unfolded as a spiritual background in human thinking. In the human activity of thought this life is concealed. If it worked on in its own essence in human thought, man could not attain to freedom. Where cosmic thought-activity ceases, human thought-activity begins.

67. The beings of the Second Hierarchy manifest themselves in a world-of-soul beyond humanity — a world of cosmic soul-activities, hidden from human feeling. This cosmic world-of-soul is ever creative in the background of human feeling. Out of the being of man it first creates the organism of feeling; only then can it bring feeling itself to life therein.

68. The beings of the First Hierarchy manifest themselves in spiritual creation beyond humanity — a cosmic world of spiritual being which indwells the human willing. This world of cosmic spirit experiences itself in creative action when man wills. It first creates the connection of man's being with the universe beyond humanity; only then does man himself become, through his organism of will, a freely willing being.

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