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A kind of joy that is often missing — my latest intuitive health report from the School of Metaphysics

 [FYI: I'm 65 years old. --Larry]

December 24, 2012. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark. The essence of this entity may be found at 952 Bethany Turnpike in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

We have this.

You will examine the essence of this entity throughout, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. You will relate all disorders as seen, whether mental, emotional, or physical, and you will also relate those things necessary for the correction of any disorder.

We see within this one there is a steadiness of purpose that has developed and strengthened which does guide most of this one’s choices. We see that at the present period of time there is a kind of longing that this one has for a greater realm of experience, particularly in regard to this one developing a more creative element within the self. Would suggest to this one it would be of benefit for this one to allow the imagination to wander toward different scenarios that this one toys with but does not really let the self imagine, and from this basis for this one to choose that which recurs, for we do see that there are recurrent desires, recurrent ideas, that have come to this one from time to time that this one has pushed aside or pushed away because this one thought that they were not important or not relevant, and we see that although it is not necessary that this one fulfill these, as long as they keep recurring these could be a means for this one to expand, to explore, and to develop the capabilities of the self in ways that could serve others as well as the self. We see that this is particularly true in regard to a type of artistic creativity, what this one would consider to be right-brain types of activities. This could aid in filling out what this one is already capable of in bringing a kind of spiritual depth to this one — a kind of joy that is often missing — and it would be encouraged for this one to explore this.

We see within the emotional system this one has certain parameters that this one allows the self in terms of the emotional expression. We see that in regards to what has been given, in this one’s willingness to explore a more creative or artistic element in the self, this would also give this one a kind of permission, as he would see it, to allow a greater expansiveness of the emotional expression. This would bring to this one a kind of magnetism to draw to this one resources or people that could be beneficial. We see that contemplating or meditating upon joy would be of benefit to this one, and it would be suggested that this one allow this. There is a certain judgment that this one has that this is not important, that it is frivolous, when in fact it is a means for this one to become more in tune with this one’s Creator.

We see within the physical system there are certain systems of the body that are deteriorating — the skeletal system to some extent, the liver to some extent. We see that incorporating what has been given will aid in regeneration of the liver. Eating green vegetables that are cooked would be of benefit; that of chlorella would be of benefit; green tea would be of benefit. In regard to the skeletal system, doing some form of weight-bearing exercise would be of benefit; walking would be of benefit; exercises that require the weight of the body would be of benefit; some exercise that involves a heel-strike would benefit not only the bones, it would also benefit the liver. We see that there are times when there is a kind of fatigue in the area of the head: this is energetic, as well as involving the brain itself to some extent. B-vitamins would be of benefit; the addition of nutritional yeast in the diet would be of benefit; breath exercises to cool the brain would be of benefit; even yawning would be of benefit; drinking cool water with freshly squeezed lime would be of benefit. This is all.

This one says “My question is: How can I help?”

At the present period of time, exploring realms of the self that this one has desired and has put off, particularly the creative and artistic element of the self, would be of benefit to other people as well as to the self.

Any further suggestions for this entity's soul growth and spiritual development?

It would be recommended that this one give appreciation to others as well as to the self every day.

Any further suggestions for fully manifesting the Christ within?


Is this all?


Very well; relax.




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