Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Peace and Good Will": Luke, the Gospel of Love

" should listen to the proclamation made in the Gospel of St. Luke, realizing that it is pervaded through and through by the inspiration of love. And then the increasing knowledge that can be acquired from this Gospel with the help of spiritual science will contribute not only to insight into the mysteries of the surrounding universe and of the spiritual ground of existence but to an understanding of the momentous words in the Gospel of St. Luke: ‘And peace be in the souls of men in whom there is good will.’ When thoroughly understood, the Gospel of St. Luke is able, more than any other religious text, to pour into the human soul that warmth-giving love through which peace reigns on Earth and which is the most beautiful mirror image of divine mysteries revealed on Earth. What can be revealed must be mirrored on Earth and, as mirror image, rise up again to the spiritual heights. If we learn to understand spiritual science in this sense it will be able to reveal to us the mysteries of the divine-spiritual beings and of spiritual existence, and the mirror image of these revelations will live in our souls. Love and peace — here is the most beautiful mirror image on Earth of what streams down from the heights.

In this way we can receive and assimilate the words of the Gospel of St. Luke which resounded when the forces of the Nirmanakaya of Buddha streamed down upon the Nathan Jesus child. The revelations pour down from the spiritual worlds upon the Earth and are reflected from human hearts as love and peace to the extent to which men unfold the power, the good will, which the Christ principle enables to flow from the center of man's being, from his ego. The proclamation rings out clearly and with the glow of warmth when we truly understand the meaning of these words in the Gospel of St. Luke:

The revelation of the spiritual worlds from the heights and its answering reflection from the hearts of men brings peace to all whose purpose upon the evolving Earth is to unfold good will."



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