Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Cerebrum, the Cerebellum, and Christ

Rudolf Steiner:

We have an overview of three evolutionary periods of our Earth planet: the present one, the Earth; the previous one, the Old Moon; and the next one, the Jupiter condition. Most of you will know that human beings have, besides the cerebrum (the large brain) as the instrument through which they think, also the cerebellum (a small brain) that sits more underneath the other and at the back, near the neck. All physiologists and anatomists know this, but they do not know that the cerebrum is the remnant of the Old Moon condition. It stands there as a document of the Old Moon time as a sign of the battle fought for us by the gods. What was thought on the Old Moon became the cerebellum....

Also in the cerebrum, there is something left over from the Old Moon condition: the pineal gland and the mucus gland. These glands were, on the Old Moon, what the lungs and heart are in the human being of today.

Through our life here on Earth, we are living upwards to Jupiter. (We are already preparing Jupiter, the future planetary condition of the Earth.) What human beings are in their actions, deeds, and their whole being will build their cerebrum on Jupiter. And what they now think in their cerebrum will one day build the cerebellum on Jupiter. No longer do the gods watch over human thinking; human beings became free on the Earth. We must bear the consequences of our thinking ourselves, and the cerebellum sits at the neck like a judge, for it will take the results of all that we thought on Earth over to the Jupiter condition.

And now I ask you, if we let this fact in its entire magnitude and responsibility work upon us, do we need yet another judgment? Is this judgment not more gripping, more powerful, than even what Michelangelo presented in his "Last Judgment"? Just consider the tragedy that lies in the fact that human beings themselves must bear the consequences of their own deeds, feelings, and thinking! However, in the midst of this tragedy we have one comfort, one support: Christ entered into Earth evolution. If we entrust ourselves to him, he will carry our deeds, feelings, and thoughts over to the Jupiter condition. For this reason, it is so important that spiritual science (Christ-science, the knowledge of Christ) enters precisely into our time, so that the understadning for the true Christ is again enlivened....

...the totality of our work from the beginning was founded on the knowledge of Christ; it was inspired by the Christ-being himself.

Source: Esoteric Lessons 1913-1923, pp. 285-287


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