Thursday, June 21, 2012

Conquering The Earth Anew: The Earth Is A Star

Rudolf Steiner:

The human being is losing the force of thought. However, the time has come when humanity must reconquer this force....strive to experience the Earth as a star--as a star among stars. For thinking, feeling, and willing, the Earth must be conquered anew.

What makes something a star? Something is a star when it rays out, gleams, and has form and weight in it that holds the body together.

But what is it that rays out from the star? It is the will of the beings that reside in the star. You will--and the Earth radiates out into the universe.

It is the feeling of the beings that reside in a star that makes it gleam and sparkle. You feel, and the Earth gleams as star into the universe.

It is the thinking that wraps light-filled around the star. You think, and your thinking allows the Earth to shimmer in waves of light.

In the perceiving and touching of the beings that reside in the star, the star builds its density.Through your perceiving, the Earth achieves its form.

It is just that you must so train your consciousness that your thinking, feeling, and willing is not for you, but is for the cosmos; so that it rays out, gleams, and shines into the widths of the cosmos. Through your thinking, feeling, and willing the Earth becomes visible to the beings on the other stars....

Yes, dear sisters and brothers, cosmic responsibility should awaken in your souls. Loves gleams from the star, and truth forms on the star. The ancient wisdom of India already spoke of this. And it is again time for today's youth to bring the oldest wisdom of humanity back into consciousness.

Source: Esoteric Lessons 1913-1923, pp. 416-417

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