Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Second Coming of Christ

Emil Bock:  "In the millennia that have gone by since then [the Ascension], the unseen expansion of the Resurrected One has continued in the periphery of our Earth existence. The Christ sphere has united evermore with the Earth sphere. Eventually, a point in time will come that can be illustrated by a process of nature. When the atmosphere is saturated with moisture, clouds form. In turn, when they are filled with still more moisture, rain falls that wets the ground. A time will come in the Ressurrected One's inner development when its living spiritual substance closes in upon the level of human perception. But human consciousness likewise must then have matured. Human souls must become capable of beholding him where, once, the cloud had taken him away. After all, it says: 'He will come even as he departed,' 'He shall come on the clouds of heaven.' Once, he entered being. That was the Christmas event two thousand years ago. Now, he will enter consciousness, and this is the Christmas event intended for our epoch."

Source: The Rhythm of the Christian Year, p. 12

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