Monday, May 30, 2011

The Holy Spirit: Lucifer, resurrected and redeemed

Richard Distasi:  "...the redeemed Lucifer now acts as the intermediary Holy Spirit to the Bodhisattvas. Steiner had also stated that Lucifer is the Holy Spirit among humanity. He is the intermediary, the intercessor between our inner Self and the Christ Being. The Holy Spirit works as a reflection of the Christ Impulse which then enters our soul and Ego. At this stage in our development, without the Holy Spirit one's soul and Ego would be overwhelmed by the Christ Impulse. Without the intercession of the Holy Spirit our individuated consciousness would be subjugated by the Christ Impulse. That which streams to us from Christ comes to us through the Holy Spirit; thereby we retain our self-consciousness. For the Bodhisattvas, there too, Lucifer acts as an intermediary. The future evolutionary Impulses for humanity and the Earth flow from Christ and then pass through Lucifer as the Holy Spirit to the Bodhisattvas who are the 'Teachers' of humanity. In this manner both Christ and Lucifer act in conjunction with one another and thereby are conjoined as One."

Source: The Fleeing Youth: The Cosmic Principle of Christ, p. 77

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