Saturday, May 15, 2010

Christ the Source of Love, the Eternal Majestic Fire

Judith von Halle, "An account of the events between [Jesus Christ's] Death and Resurrection (The Descent into Hell)" in And If He Has Not Been Raised..., pp. 89-90:

Christ will reveal to mankind the secret of his remaining macrocosmic bodies on the Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan incarnations of the Earth [the future fifth, sixth, and seventh incarnations of the Earth], when mankind will put on the phantom of Christ. The coming of the Antichrist while the human is still in the [present] fourth incarnation of the Earth is then inevitable if he wishes to have these fifth, sixth, and seventh bodies. The way Lucifer woos the human soul is by blinding him with the light of his grandiose delusions so that for many humans a world of illusion appears before their eyes and it becomes clear to them: 'Christ only gives me what belongs to the fourth incarnation of the Earth. Lucifer is actually much higher than Christ, as I can reach the goal faster with what he gives me.' That is the temptation! It is a temptation to believe that fundamental steps in development must not be worked for by the human being, that he is given these as a gift from beings he does not know and through processes of which he cannot become aware. This is an eminent way of preventing the development of the self.

That is why, one day when you are so tired of all the problems, tired of praticing the exercises, and expecting quicker results from yourself in the field of spiritual science, it is of great help to consider the immense path of sacrifice of the Christ Being and to let the realization flow through you that results only arise through steadfast faithfulness to the spirit. These results will be impressed--and here the human being has to bring himself to look beyond his current incarnation--like a seal into the substance of one's being. This can also be read in [Rudolf Steiner's book] An Outline of Esoteric Science.

Faithfulness to the spirit can and must mean sacrifice. Comfort has to be sacrificed to the spirit, but the human being must also be prepared for a much more serious sacrifice. A sacrifice is always something one is prepared to make for an altruistic purpose. This is why a true increase in awareness will never result in a purely personal sense of satisfaction in someone. Only the hard path, with the readiness to help others as well as oneself and the deeply felt aspiration of wanting to advance the evolution of the Earth, will extinguish the sickness at the root of the desire to increase personal awareness in order to attain the goal ahead of someone less spiritually developed. A wholly selfless kind of joy arises through this readiness to make a sacrifice of love.

Christ gives Himself totally to this path of sacrifice for the Earth and for mankind. When He reaches the lowest point at the physical and spiritual core of the Earth He reaches the culmination of His sacrifice of love. The consequence of this journey through Hell is the Resurrection. The human being lives from it, we all live from it. The Resurrection conquers death--all the forces of becoming are created from it.

At dawn on the first day [Easter Sunday] a light shone, rose up out of the grave and permeated all earthly matter. It is Christ Himself who merged with the Earth and became the source of love, became the eternal majestic fire. He is with mankind and will remain with it in a constantly metamorphosed form till the end of its days.

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