Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ineluctable Future

Judith von Halle, "An account of the events between [Jesus Christ's] Death and Resurrection (The Descent into Hell)" in And If He Has Not Been Raised..., pp. 84-85:

Whoever is able to consciously penetrate the spiritual world through intensive meditation or through 'waking in sleep' (cf. How to Know Higher Worlds, chapter 8) knows that what awaits him beyond the Guardian of the Threshold is no subjectively colored, pleasant experience but an objective one. He also meets the 'accumulated debts' of mankind. He learns to recognize that the spiritual world--one is reminded of the Akashic Chronicle--contains not just his own abyss, which he definitely meets first, as the door to the spiritual world is to be seen in his own being. He also learns to recognize that everything essential is contained in the spiritual world, even that which is called bad when seen from a moral point of veiw. This has been 'deposited,' in the truest sense of the word, in the spiritual layers of the Earth. When the neophyte has been permeated by this bitter realization (it is bitter, since to see what is lying and active in these layers is a true test of the neophyte) something even more terrible is revealed to him: in these abysses are not only the accumulated crimes and failures of humanity but also the karmic necessities to be met for balancing these crimes. These necessities consist of events in the future, which up to a certain point have to be considered inevitable, and which as a consequence must happen in order to achieve karmic balance. This includes not simply the small, individual karmic necessities but above all the wider karmic interconnections of groups, nations, and the world. These future karmic necessities will have devastating consequences for the fate of millions of people, and the highest integrity of soul and spirit is needed to withstand this 'vision' without being extinguished by it. The guardian entity warns strongly again and again of this danger. Only the awareness of being in the objective course of world karma, and of bearing the suffering of others in the spirit of Christ in love and devotion, can carry a light into these abysses and impart the necessary strength to the neophyte for the ascent.

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