Sunday, December 31, 2023

The world we live in is a paradise


Rudolf Steiner:
Then one begins to see why Frohschammer's picture of imprisonment does not fit the facts. You notice that your life is actually such as to compel you to say that being incarnated, have the life you are living on the Earth, could be beautiful, wholly wonderful and glorious, but you aren't in tune with it. You cannot seem to undertake everything you could with the body you have and in the place you have beeen set down with it. You come to realize that you are living at a particular time and place in a beautiful world teeming with grandeur, that you have bodily organs responsive to it and to all that is glorious and impressive. An unprejudiced feeling has to say that the world we live in is a paradise. We ought to say this even when things are going very badly indeed. It is not a question of how we are getting along but of whether the world is glorious and beautiful, for if we are having a hard time, our karma could account for it. How the world is depends only on the world itself and may not be judged according to our personal standpoint. Our bodies and organs have been given to us for full reception of what the world has to offer, for the greatest satisfaction and delight. There is a vast difference between what we could be drawing from our life in this paradise, in our existence between birth and death, if we were to take all it has to offer, and what we actually take. Why do we take so little? That is because something is embodied in our corporeality that is small in comparison with the universe and that allows only the smallest portion to be taken. Just compare what your eyes see in the course of a day with what they really could see, and you have the ratio between what you might take in and what you truly absorb.   

Source: December 16, 1911. GA 115
A Psychology of Body, Soul, and Spirit, pp. 214-215

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