Thursday, September 2, 2021

Science does away with life


Rudolf Steiner:  "It's a curious phenomenon that today dogmatic science is more important to people than reality. In each moral deed humans can become aware of their freedom. And just as we experience red or white, so do we as human beings experience freedom. But we deny it. We repudiate it under the influence of modern science. Why? This is because modern science only wants to look at the mechanical, where the earlier event is always the cause of the later. And science dictates that everything has its cause. Causality dictates this as dogma, and as causality must be right because people swear by it, so they have to deaden their sense of freedom. Reality is plunged into darkness to perpetuate the dogma, in this case the dogma of external science, which exercises such authority over people. Science does away with life. If life became conscious of itself in human beings then this life would grasp freedom directly in the activity of thinking. Thus this purely external science, built on causality alone, is the great slayer of the life-sense of human beings. We have to be aware of this."

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Source: July 22, 1923. Three Perspectives of Anthroposophy, p. 132

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