Monday, December 7, 2020

True Meditation

Rudolf Steiner: "Spiritual science has a technical name for this method of training the soul: meditation. This is true meditation. And I wish to emphasize that this kind of meditation is in practice far more difficult than one would think, after hearing it described in such a simple way. It does not suffice to try it a few times. Over and over again we should endeavour to practice such concentration, such meditation, by forming thought-images and pictures, ideas taken from the moral and intellectual sphere — and particularly symbolic representations. This should be done with perseverance, until the decisive moment arises. This simply consists in the inner conviction: 'I have within my being a soul-spiritual core, and this lives in a supersensible reality, but in its supersensible reality it cannot be perceived through the ordinary sense-organs, nor grasped through the intellect bound up with the brain.'”


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