Sunday, May 24, 2020

On the wings of a snow-white dove

"Conflating several examples, the rules of the School, in the form that Rudolf Steiner gave them, were more or less as follows:

1. Every morning, rise at a fixed time and, preferably before eating, sit for a half-hour period of meditation. For instance: first, inner control, silence, peace; then, a sense of devotion to the divine in the universe, coupled with the inner understanding that one is united with it, to which end the following is held in the heart and allowed to penetrate one:

More radiant than the Sun,
Purer than the snow,
Finer than the ether,
Is the Self,
The Spirit in my heart.
This Self am I.
I am this Self.

Source: Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909, p. xxiii

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