Thursday, August 22, 2019

Lucifer the Vampire

Rudolf Steiner:  "From the moment to which we can remember back later, Lucifer has lodged his claws in the human soul. This is within us. We know nothing of it unless we learn of it through spiritual science, and learn to feel it. After death it is different. At a certain point Lucifer appears there too, just as surely as he appeared inwardly during our lifetime, but now, in the life between death and rebirth, he appears outwardly. He stands there fully before us, stands beside us, and we journey onward with him! Before we pass through the portal of death we are unaware of Lucifer, but now we know and perceive him as he accompanies us between death and rebirth. In our present cycle of time, this can be a very unpleasant awareness. We can pass through the realm between death and rebirth in a sense accompanied by Lucifer, and having insight into his necessity to the word: he not only has a dreadful quality but also something beautiful, a glorious outward form. The time is increasingly approaching when people will only be able to pass through the life after death accompanied in this way by Lucifer if they have been able properly to acquaint themselves with Lucifer, to have an intimation of him, here in this life. Those who wish to know nothing about Lucifer while on Earth — and as we move toward the future there will be ever more of these, no doubt the majority —  will learn all the more of Lucifer after death. Not only will he stand beside them but he will tap or siphon off their soul forces, will vampirize them. This vampirization is what people are preparing for themselves by ignorance, and it means they will be losing forces for their next life, forces that they relinquish in a sense to Lucifer."

Source: March 14, 1913. In Growing Old, p. 156f

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