Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Key to the Matrix: Manicheism [Anthroposophy]: "Come Unto Me"

Rudolf Steiner: "How do we imagine the interworking of good and evil? We have to explain it as the harmonization of life with form. How does life change over into form? Through coming up against resistance, through not manifesting all at once in one particular shape. Take note, for instance, how life in a plant — let us say a lily — speeds on from form to form. The life in the lily has fashioned, has elaborated, the form of the lily. When this form has been created, life overcomes it and passes over into the seed to be reborn as the same life in a fresh form. And so life strides onward from form to form. Life itself is formless and could never perceptibly manifest its vital forces. The life of the lily, for instance, exists in the first lily and progresses to the second, third, fourth, and so on. Everywhere there is the same life which appears in a limited form, spreading and interweaving. The fact that it appears in a limited form is a restriction imposed upon this universal flowing life. There would be no form if life were not restricted, if it were not arrested in its flowing force which radiates in all directions. It is just what remains behind, which, from a higher stage, appears like a fetter  it is just out of this that form evolves in the great cosmos. What comprises life is always set in the framework of a form which was life in an earlier time." 



"Come Unto Me"