Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rejoice! And Be Exceeding Glad!

Anandamayi Ma

The gift of Heaven is one of true abundance: a limitless fortune that is neither owned nor sold. 

Fresh forces of promulgation, of sustaination, and, of the continuum-momentum, are without tire, without fatigue, without stop.

The meaning of the name of Heaven is: replenishment. It is the ever-flowing fountain; and, paradoxically, through death one will find, that it is the very home of everlasting youth.

For nothing dwindles or dies in the spiritual realms. The depleted are fulfilled, and the shapeless become regenerated. Thoughts and hopes are the sprites of a cosmic dance that joyously twirl those starry lit fields in the ever morn.

Yes! everyone is Irish in Heaven! (a joke)

Revelation, not intoxication, enlights the mind with cheer and wonder. 

Source: "Cherry Picking" from Christianity Is Esoteric

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