Saturday, December 31, 2016

Follow your inner guidance [13 ways of looking at my guru. #1: Lead, kindly light]

Lead, kindly light

"We see that within the mental system that there is a search that this one is experiencing. We see that there are ways in which this one knows that this one desires to change; however, we see that this one is having a difficult time being able to identify the changes that this one does desire to make, for we see that many of the thoughts that this one has and what this one is moved towards do create a type of resistance and fear within the thinking. Would suggest to this one that it would be of benefit for this one to quiet the mind, for this one to ask the self what it is that is most needed at this time for the evolution and the growth of this one's soul, and to allow the inner guidance to provide for this one the guidance that this one is seeking. It is important for this one to recognize that in order for this one to evolve there may be some challenges that this one experiences; however, as this one creates a clear image of what it is that this one desires for the self and understands the reasons, the purpose, this will provide this one with the ability, the courage, and the strength to move in the direction that is needed. Would also suggest to this one that recording this one's dreams could aid in giving this one guidance as well."

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