Thursday, September 29, 2016

The surrendered life: removing boulders

From I Am the Word, chapter 5, "Boulders," pp. 154-156.
Self-described "Ascended Masters," speaking through Paul Selig, March 7, 2009:

We want to see the heralding of the Christ on this plane. We want to see the Christ risen in all men, and that is a frequency, it is a light, it is an awareness of his divinity on this plane incarnate. And we wish this for you in great love, great compassion, and the belief that this is so.
So we are gifting you today with a process that will support you in achieving this, because it's very hard to rise in frequency when you have a boulder hanging you down to the lower vibrations. So we are not just doing this for you to make you happy, although when you're happy, your frequency is much higher. We are doing this to establish you in a Christ frequency.
Now to the extent that you believe that the boulder will always be there, it will always be there. And we will say you are deeply loved anyway and you have not failed in any way. That is not what this is about at all. This is about creation, and what has been created will be uncreated if it is needing to create itself anew. If it does not happen today, it will happen. If it does not happen in this year, it will happen in another year or another lifetime, but ultimately your process of ascension is ongoing. We are giving you the fast track. All men are being fast-tracked. But we cannot take from you that which you believe you own and cannot release. And when we say you own it, you believe that it's yours and you will not release it.
When we speak of surrender, and we speak of surrender as 'God, I can't handle it, I can't take it, it is too big for me,' what you are doing is you are releasing a boulder and you are aligning to the great powers that will clear it for you. We are doing the same thing with intention to the extent that you understand 'I am Word' is not the ego self, it's not the personality. It is the Christ within you that achieves the work and deserves the glory. 'I am Word through my problem' brings that action to the problem.
Now Paul is wondering 'Can't we just say "I give up"? Can't we just be powerless? It's so much easier than memorizing a meditation or standing on a corner and seeing everybody as perfect.' We can say yes, if you want to surrender, you will be worked with at that level as well. There is beautiful integrity in surrender and miracles do happen. But if you can understand that one of the things that will happen, indeed, when you create a new pattern is that in likelihood you will be required to confront that thing that you have created and say 'I give up. I give it to the Christ. I am Word through this thing I see before me. Take it, take it, take it,' you are also saying 'I am in the process of reclaiming myself as my Divine Self.'

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