Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Count your blessings" — my latest intuitive health analysis from the School of Metaphysics

[FYI: I'll be 67 in March. —Larry]
January 6, 2014. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark. C-L-A-R-K. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark. The essence of this entity may be found at 952 Bethany Turnpike in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

We have this.

You will examine the essence of this entity throughout, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. You will relate all disorders as seen, whether mental, emotional, or physical, and you will also relate those things necessary for the correction of any disorder.

We see within this one there is a process of evaluation that this one is undergoing. We see that this one tends to be critical of the self and to judge the self harshly regarding the distance between what this one thinks this one should be accomplishing and what this one actually is. We see that within this, it does diminish this one’s effectiveness, for there is a loss of inspiration that occurs when this one focuses on self-criticism. Would suggest to this one it would be of great benefit for this one to daily count this one’s blessings: to be grateful not only for what is in the environment — for the people who are around this one and the opportunities that this one has — even more importantly, for this one to be grateful for who this one is — what this one can offer, what this one has accomplished, what this one can produce — for we see that it is in this one applauding the self — not in a self-inflated way: in an honest way — that this one will then open the self to what more can be developed, what further steps this one needs to take, and for this one to be able to receive a deeper, higher kind of inspiration which this one thirsts for. We see that the practice of prayer and meditation is very beneficial to this one, and we see that it would benefit this one to share this with others, on purpose. We see that this also could be a way for this one to bring forth from within the self what this one has developed and accomplished.

We see within the emotional system there is a kind of flat affect, that there is a need for this one to be willing to become more effusive emotionally. We see that this one views this as being unneeded, unacceptable, unwarranted; however, we see that this is part of what is keeping this one in the state of diminishing returns from the inspiration that could be had. We see that singing or dancing or in some way incorporating music with the movement of the body could aid this one with the emotional expression; being around young children could be of benefit for this; experimenting with bright colors could be of benefit; the use of senses that are expressive could aid this one in widening the emotional experience and the emotional expression. Singing hymns could be of benefit in this regard as well, particularly those that are joyful.

We see within the physical system there are times when this one has difficulty being energized, and we see that this is related to what has been given in regard to a kind of stalling that is occurring in the self. It would benefit this one on a regular basis to engage in something new — to meet a new person, to engage in some new activity, in some way to reach out beyond what this one is accustomed to. It would benefit this one physically to increase that of B-vitamins; to eat spices that are stimulating; drinking tea or coffee, one cup a day, with caffeine, would be recommended; yerba mate tea would be of benefit. We see that there are times when the immune system is somewhat depleted: that of ginger, garlic, and colloidal silver would be recommended. Walking in the out-of-doors dressed warmly would aid this one; that of vitamin D would be of benefit: in addition to this one receiving sunlight, for this one to also ingest that of vitamin D; as well as vitamin K; eating that of fish and fish oil would be of benefit: there is a need for more fatty acids. This is all.

This one says “How can I help?”

It would benefit this one to share what this one knows: teaching, writing, speaking would all be of benefit. Having one or a small group of people who could apprentice with this one would be of benefit; sharing this one’s ideals would be of benefit; sharing that of prayer and meditation with others would be of benefit.

Any further suggestions for this entity's soul growth and spiritual development?


Any further suggestions regarding love?


Is this all?


Very well; relax.


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