Monday, September 3, 2012

This is the time of the new dawn of creation.

"This is the time of the new dawn of creation. Understand this, everyone. This is the dawn of the new Christ consciousness come to man, and the manifestation of this is required. It is required in order for this consciousness to come into form that you release any needs to control your brouther. When you control your brother, you link into the larger systems of control and you go into agreement with them. And as you are in agreement with systems of control, you diminish your own aspect of the Christ and you align instead to a darkness.
     Now we are saying a darkness, the darkness, whatever you want to call it. But understand this: Any system that perpetuates fear is created out of a need to control you. And as you are controlled, you are asleep. If you wake up now, now, now, to the possibility this will change and is changing, you are in your freedom as a Divine Being and all that comes to you is of God, you have chosen a new light, and that new light is the embodiment of Christ in man. Period. Period. Period.
     We are rejoicing. We are rejoicing in the heralding of this new information to man. We are heralding the awakening of the masses through our choice to listen to the hearts of man who state:

'I am now willing to be in my awakening. I am now willing to stand in my truth. And I am choosing, choosing, choosing to listen to the Christ within me who will carry me to my appointed destiny. I am knowing myself as an aspect of the Divine. I am knowing myself as an aspect of the Christ embodied. And I am believing in my worth as a Divine Being.'"

--from  pp. 114-115 of The Book of Love and Creation, a book channeled through Paul Selig

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