Friday, December 30, 2011

My latest intuitive health report from the School of Metaphysics

[FYI: I'll be 65 in March. --Larry]

December 26, 2011. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark, C-L-A-R-K. You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as Lawrence Michael Clark. The essence of this entity may be found at 952 Bethany Turnpike in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

We have this.

You will examine the essence of this entity throughout, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. You will relate all disorders as seen, whether mental, emotional, or physical, and you will also relate those things necessary for the correction of any disorder.

There is a preoccupation in the mental system. We see that part of this one's attention is directed toward a situation which this one is troubled by, and we see that although this one has found different ways to respond to it, resolve it, work with it, it continues to resurface, and we see that it does draw this one's attention away from where this one would want it to be. We see that the essence of this is in regards to this one's growth and progression and therefore it will not go away as long as this one is desiring to learn and to grow and to serve. We see that there is a strong desire within this one to relieve the suffering of other people and we see that when this seemingly cannot be done, this one becomes conflicted. We see that there is significant difficulty that this one puts the self through in this regard because this one does not have the equanimity within the self as yet in order to stabilize the energies of others when they are disruptive. Would suggest to this one that the deficit is not in how this one is interacting with others, it is in the level of understanding that this one has. We see that this one has practiced merely accepting the condition, not working to know how to change it in the self or with others, and therefore the acceptance level does work, however it is temporary or is merely an abiding of what the condition is, and we see that this one has begun to understand this over time and space, however has not put into place that which would cause the change in the self. The pursuance of engagement, actual interaction with people, is important to this one, for we see that this one can reach a point of neutrality through the power of his accepting mind, however this does not aid the other individual to reconcile or to resolve what is troubling them. Because this one does not know how to do this, this one is unresolved, and this is part of what this one is mulling over that is troubling this one. In order for this to be changed, this one will need to put out effort in regards to the self. This one's ability to go beyond merely acceptance, to go into avenues of reconciliation and resolution, are essential in the process of this one being able to mature in spirit and being able to understand the nature of existence. This is before this one, it is possible, and this one can practice it. There will need to be assistance by a teacher who is versed in this. We see that this will aid this one emotionally as well.

We see within the body that there is some difficulty occurring within the liver: there is a part of this organ that is not functioning properly. We see that this one is able to digest food but it does put some strain upon the body, and we see that there are more toxins that can be produced here than has been previously the case. This is a direct reflection of how this one is holding on to this problem or difficulty that has been described. We see that as the reconciliation and release would come mentally and emotionally, then there would be a comparable change in the body. There is a tea substance that this one is imbibing that needs to be eliminated. It has a certain level of tannic acid in it that is not helpful to the body. Would suggest that this one replace this with hibiscus leaves that are made into a tea, for this would be supportive of the body. It would be helpful for this one to be around negative ions in the air; it would aid in balancing the system and the emotions. We see that there is some strain upon the cardiovascular system. This is in part aging, in that this one has put demands on the system. The reconciliation that has been spoken of will aid this one emotionally; that then will aid this one's heart to strengthen. There is a need for all B-vitamins in the body. Organ meat would be called for at least once a week. We see that there is a tendency toward withdrawal of the attention from the extremities and this is in part causing some neurological changes, where the nerves in the extremities particularly are not always active. There needs to be intentional moving of energy to the extremities, to the hands and the feet, and the utilization of these more, so that the pathways might strengthen again. The B-vitamins then will aid as well. However, there needs to be direction given to energy: prana needs to be sent to these areas on a daily basis. There is a tendency for this one to withdraw the energies in, and not to do the same outward, and this needs to come into balance. This one is aware of practices that will help this. This is all.

This one says "My question is: How can I help?"

By reflecting upon what has been given here and by being the change himself.

Any further suggestions for this entity's soul growth and spiritual development?


Any further suggestions regarding love?


Any further suggestions regarding truth?


Is this all?

This is all.

Very well; relax.

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