Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"The actual creators of materialism in the area of science have been the theologians."--Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner, June 16, 1921:

"You will find everywhere in the Jesuit-inspired literature the position that science should occupy itself only with what is sense-perceptible. Science should remain with what is spatial and temporal, and it cannot rise to what goes beyond what is spatial and temporal. By this means they seek to force humanity to stop at a science that speaks only of the spatial-temporal aspect of the world. The rest is referred to the realm of faith, which encompasses only what is decreed by the infallible pope, or his advisory council. Thus, Jesuitism practices in the most extreme manner a strict separation between what should be the domain of science and what should be believed. The Jesuits shine in the realm of materialistic science. Indeed, no one has gone so far in taking up materialism as the Jesuit scientists have. Jesuits educate their students to become especially smart researchers in the materialistic scientific field and shine there. The Jesuits do this in order to make all the greater impression when they say, Science should never hold forth on what Christ gave the pope as his right as the representative of spiritual doctrine. Expressed dogmatically: Christians must see the head of the Catholic Church as the owner of divine teaching. By this dogma, science was evermore firmly attached to the outer realm of matter, preventing the spiritualization of science."

Source: First Steps in Christian Religious Renewal, pp. 170-171

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