Thursday, September 30, 2010

The three deficiencies of the human soul

Rudolf Steiner, November 28,1919:

"It must become possible to conceive of Christ without identifying Him with God the Father. Many modern evangelical theologians are particularly incapable of distinguishing between the concept of a universal God and the concept of Christ. Failure to find Christ in life is different from failure to find God, that is, the Father God. You know that it is not a question here of doubting the Divinity of Christ. What matters is making an exact distinction, in the sphere of the Divine, between God the Father and God the Christ. This affects human soul life. Not to find God the Father is an illness; not to find the Christ is a disaster. For we human beings are so connected with the Christ that we are inwardly dependent on Him. That is to say, we are dependent on an event that took place historically. We must therefore find a relationship to the Christ here on Earth, in our outer lives. To fail to do so is disastrous. To be an atheist, to fail  to find the Father God, is an illness. It is a calamity not to find the Son God, the Christ.

What does failure to find the Spirit involve? It means to lack the possibility of grasping one's own spirituality so as to discover its connection with the spirituality of the world. To fail to acknowledge the Spirit is spiritual weakness, feeble-mindedness."

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