Monday, April 26, 2010

The Wounds on the Feet of the Resurrected Christ

"The wounds on the feet [of the Resurrection body of Christ] are connected (in a completely different way from the hands) with the ground on which they 'tread.' They wish to meet it with a respect and love which grows from the awareness that the human being owes his consciousness and his freely made commitment to Christ to the fact that he has emerged as an incarnated being out of the fertile soil of the Earth, and also that only by experiencing his karma on this physical Earth can he develop a relationship to Christ within his own self.

Here again is to be said, and this is at once the simplest and the most important message of the secret of Easter: Christ must be found in earthly life!--not after death. He can only be found after death if He has been known in earthly life. To explore the Resurrection in the spirit of Christ is to become familiar with Christ, whom we bear within us. This is the most direct way to an understanding of Christ after death."

--Judith von Halle, "The Easter Event at the Time of Christ," in And If He Has Not Been Raised, p. 143

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